For Home Sellers

We at Gardalisa have the keys to sell your property.
Now, all that's left is to get yours.

Dedicated to those who want to sell a property

We think we know why you’re here. You have decided to sell your valuable property. It can be the start of a long journey – sometimes full of unexpected events but, above all, stressful. So we ask you: how much are you willing to invest to get a professional result? We can relieve you of this burden without depriving you of your precious time while guaranteeing competence and professionalism. The way we promote your property tells a story about you: about the care you devote to an important negotiation and the seriousness with which you address the potential buyer. Let us tell the story about you and your property with all the prestige you deserve.

Gardalisa is the property finder to which you can entrust what is most precious to you: your property, of course, but also your image. For us, the idea that every potential buyer or collaborator will have of you is very important and must therefore be respected. At Gardalisa, we are committed to taking care of it and sharing it with every collaborator who will need to be involved to achieve the excellence it deserves.

Security and discretion. We will never stop repeating it

When you entrust us with your property, you know you can count on a single interlocutor from the first contact, up to the paperwork for the sale. We will protect your property in a serious and concrete way, and we will study together a positioning strategy from the very moment you will confirm to us the sale assignment.

It is important for us to convey security: that of having a continuous support, a personalized approach tailored to your needs. But also, the security of having consultants who make confidentiality and discretion their banner, because we know that privacy is important even in the negotiation. That’s why we protect your identity and your property in a ruthless market (which we know very well) and we finalize the sale only when we have achieved a shared goal: to exceed your expectations.

Gardalisa’s consultancy step by step

All the properties we sell are the result of a careful selection phase. Usually our consultancy consists of the following phases:

  1. First contact and confrontation

    At this stage we get to know the seller. It may happen that it is you who contact us, or that we are looking for you because we believe that your property is in line with a request that we have collected. Yes, sometimes it’s a matter of getting people to find each other, and in this, we at Gardalisa know how to combine really targeted meetings.

  2. Collecting and studying information

    Maybe the phase we like the most, the one in which we get to know you and your property: the first one, through the visit to the house, the verification of information and documents, to formulate an evaluation and define a realistic request for the market; the second one, with an in-depth interview that collects your requests and your expectations.

  3. Defining the strategy

    From the moment the assignment is confirmed, and based on the level of privacy that the seller wants to maintain, we define a strategy for positioning, presenting and promoting the property through a professional home staging service, the inclusion of the property on our digital channels, and the direct contact with our Italian and foreign partners. Having developed many relationships of trust and collaboration with other operators in our sector, we also interface with selected colleagues if it is appropriate, or if the right opportunity presents itself for you, regardless of who is managing that opportunity at that time, to increase the offer capacity for your benefit and without additional costs.

  4. Selection of potential buyers and sale

    At this stage, it is our task to make a selection among potential buyers, accompany them during the visit, and collect the purchase proposals. We are also present in the stages of the preliminary deed and notary’s deed. In the end, it is impossible not to celebrate with a toast, now a consolidated tradition of ours!

At Gardalisa we have the keys to sell your property.
Now, all that's left is to get yours.

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