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In this post we will talk about green building, healthcare and wellness, luxury villas and farmhouses, about Lake Garda as a constantly growing location for investments.

But above all, about which projects to invest in the company of Gardalisa, property finder of exclusive properties, with experience throughout Italy and a strong knowledge of Lombardy and Veneto.


Relaxing on Lake Garda is a way of life

The latest surveys by observers and companies specialized in the real estate market, whether residential, tourist or commercial, speak for themselves: in the years to come we will see a strong recovery in real estate investments, particularly in the luxury sector: villas overlooking the lake or the sea, farmhouses, prestigious properties destined to host projects that last over time.

Relying on Gardalisa, a property finder that works exclusively for its customers, is a precise choice that pays off immediately: in terms of time, strategy and targets to be achieved.

Gardalisa, as we tell you through the CEO & Founder Elisabetta Strebkova, was born from the desire to convey to the customer the emotion of imagining and creating a home, living a lifestyle and working in one of the most fascinating places in our country: the lake of Garda.


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Property Finder: tailor’s customized to the client’s wishes

Unlike a traditional real estate agency, the property finder activity is dedicated and tailored to the needs of investors, sellers and buyers, aimed at simplifying paperwork by dealing with these tasks on behalf of the customer.

The search for the perfect house or the ideal land becomes a passionate path that does not obey the clerical style of classic mediators, but allows you to realize the starting dream by relying on the care of specialists able to find the most enchanting and promising corners of a landscape born for the “dolce vita”, born for you, in the image and likeness of your specific requests.


Investments, lots and residential sectors: acquiring not only properties with Gardalisa

Intelligence, flexibility and competence are the characteristics that Elisabetta looks for in her collaborators and partners: the property finder goes in search of a villa, an entire building to be restored or a lot on which to build a real estate project only thanks to a broad cultural and professional background, combined with a deep knowledge of the market and the territory, which allows not only to identify the existing homes, but to operate on the basis of a vision projected over time, so as to guarantee its customer a profitable investment.


Empathy, trust and discretion are the keys for Gardalisa to standing out in the relationship with its customers: the property finder is an excellent detective, able to modulate his energies on the customer’s requests, to memorize all the nuances of his needs and wishes, to safeguard your confidentiality and the security of your investment.


Gardalisa, thanks to its experience in dealing with prestigious apartments and villas – especially on the shores of Lake Garda – also develops complete investment projects, from major renovations to real estate operations ranging from land to the finished residence and delivered to the respective buyers.

acquisire immobili con Gardalisa

2022 speaks to us of intuitions and strategies

If the first half of 2021 was governed by a still uncertain climate, 2022 will be a strategic year for Italy, which will climb the ranking of the most popular destinations for sellers and buyers of high-end properties, alongside the extraordinary beauty of the landscape and a strategy based on intuition on future trends, a renewed attention to sustainability and green building, with refined projects for the recovery of farmhouses respectful of the territory, technological innovation and the ability to intercept desires and needs to the richness of the cultural heritage that the pandemic has accentuated or modified.


According to the recent Italian Market Perspective 2021 report by JLL, real estate investment becomes “core”, will produce strategic visions and will definitely contribute to the design of the future of the economy and society. In fact, we are witnessing structural changes in demand, new ways of living and working, new hybrid real estate uses within the same building and new ways of defining the value of the buildings themselves, such as the ability to guarantee health and well-being to those who walk through them. Buildings and spaces are perceived as an ecosystem. The property is not an “object” in its own right, but a “square”: inclusive, open and integrated into the city.


Lake Garda, in particular, is confirmed as one of the places where the luxury real estate market, particularly in the tourism investment sector, is more dynamic: both on the Lombard and Venetian side, according to a survey by some sector studies, Lake Garda is at the top of the ranking of Italian lakes, with an increase of + 0.3% (while a slight decline is observed for seaside resorts).


acquisire immobili con Gardalisa

Fulfill promises

Our motto, beauty is a promise, will accompany you in your investments step by step, with a single interlocutor able to quickly find a solution in all the most delicate steps of a real estate project or a sale.

Let us guide you to discover the timeless charm of an Italy to be discovered and put us to the test with a tailor made advice for you.

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