Property Finder and Property Hunter: what does it mean?

Propertu Hunter

Finding the ideal property requires time and knowledge of the area: relying on the Property Finder allows you to optimize results.

The term “Property Finder” or “Property Hunter” defines a real estate broker who has developed a competence in response to the needs of the buyer: finding the ideal property. This means carrying out a commission survey and selecting potentially available properties, even if they are not officially on the market.

Property Finder: a nautical metaphor

The watchword is transparency. We stimulate our interlocutors to frankly share needs, contingencies and desires, to build together the best possible shopping experience.
Having a clear goal allows us to chart a route that takes into consideration all the relevant variables.

Starting point: the “research assignment” by the potential buyer. It is a confidential document that allows us to validate our research and unfold the sails.

The journey: known trade routes are evaluated and others are drawn to reach hidden or difficult-to-access properties.

The landing: we land on tiptoe. Our flag is discretion. Our passport is the research assignment. Here the emotion of the first meeting takes place, the only opportunity to make a good first impression and to tell the reason for our trip.
We see the distrust in the words of those who welcome, hosts intimidated by stories of unscrupulous pirates known for their raids.

We understand and share the need for transparency and it is our concern to put the cards on the table and let the facts do the talking.
Each trip allows us to get to know splendid properties and above all their owners: not everyone is willing to sell their home. But everyone, at each landing, appreciates our professionalism and the confidentiality with which we protect the people and the stories that decide to entrust us.

Who seeks finds (the ideal property)

The long-awaited goal is reached, through more or less linear itineraries and various encounters, but finally it is there: we see it through the eyes of our client and we want him to feel the desire to deepen his knowledge.

But we do not want to deceive those who have placed so many expectations in us. And so, we have our travel document stamped: the authorization to propose from the owners allows us to communicate to the potential buyer that our interlocutor is a serious person and interested in selling.

This step allows us, in the immediately following phase, to collect all the information necessary for a conscious and comprehensive consideration of the property. For us, the active collaboration of the owners is essential. They give us, in addition to the technical documentation, the legacy of an entire family and their memories. All this makes it possible for us to transform a real estate sale into a value-added buying experience.

May the wind be favorable to you!

The presentations were made with the best of intentions: to talk to two interlocutors who do not know each other but who have both decided to rely on us to professionally manage a prestigious real estate sale.
A little bit property hunters, a little (above all) cultivators of relationships built on solid values. We know how to be dreamers to trace unconventional routes and to build prestigious solutions that are still in the designers’ pen.
We want to show you that we are reliable and protect your interests while respecting the discretion you want to maintain.
Together we can write a new story with a happy ending.

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