Real estate investments on Garda Lake: House Flipping and more.

Elisabetta Strebkova

Garda Lake is a territory that offers the possibility of making various types of real estate investments. In fact, its tourist vocation and proximity to the large northern cities make it very attractive for different types of buyers: seasonal tourists, families looking for a prestigious second home, entrepreneurs.

There is also no shortage of foreign investors who wish to relocate part of their assets to the lake’s medium-high market niche.

House Flipping: what is it?

This Anglo-Saxon term is still little used in Italy, where we still hear about building speculation today. We do not like this expression at allbecause in the collective imagination it evokes the exploitation of the territory or the use of low-quality materials in order to maximize the income of a few.

We therefore prefer to talk about redevelopment of the territory through restructuring or building from scratch that can enhance the potential of the context and offer new possibilities to the surrounding community. All with the utmost attention to a design that respects the environment and is functional to the identified intended use.

When we talk about developing real estate projects we think about this type of operation and it is what we most love to do.

Over the years we have built and consolidated strong professional relationships with construction companies and architectural firms, and today we can offer those who want to invest on the lake a wide range of interesting possibilities.

We are able to accompany you on this exciting journey that starts from a deep knowledge of the territory and from our love for the places we ourselves inhabit. We will listen to your requests and the economic objectives you would like to achieve in order to identify the most suitable real estate project for you.

Developing a real estate project

Let’s start with a careful analysis of the demand. Share your dreams with us and we will help you turn them into projects: concreteness and reliability are our banner.

We make use of the collaboration of technical studies and professionals of various backgrounds to offer you complete and exhaustive advice. We draw up a prospectus that takes into account the timing, costs and also the so-called ROI (Return of Investment), or the economic margin that the operation can generate. We are able to be a rational and pragmatic interlocutor for you, and we want to show you that protecting your interests is an ethical priority for us.

Projects of this type can give rise to various types of developments but always involve three basic steps: buy – restructure – generate a profit.

Each time we write a new entrepreneurial story together and get excited about each new construction site, which we love and care for as if it were also a little bit of our own creation. We dream of it when we choose the lot to propose, we imagine it when we present the purchase proposal and we rejoice when we see the first sketches drawn by the architects. This is how new real estate proposals are born, of which we are proud to follow the birth and every phase of growth, up to the future sale or income.

Each construction site we follow is a professional and personal challenge for us and we put ourselves on the line always striving for excellence.

And this happens because we firmly believe in the service we can offer you:

we will tell you that we will do things, and then we will actually do them.