Selling villas on Garda Lake

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We have all dreamed at least once of living in a luxury overlooking sea villa or with a lake view: large spaces designed by a fanciful interior designer, a private SPA, an infinity pool with a heated area for the winter, perhaps a billiard room with a corner bar. A dream that can be realized in a country that occupies a tiny part of the globe but that can boast unique characteristics.

All the promotional spots of the Ministry of Tourism and the most classic of international adages remind us of this: Italy is a wonderful country, loved above all by foreign customers. But we Italians also have the ability to amaze and appreciate what surrounds us: there are countless corners of paradise, enchanting landscapes and breathtaking views that every year welcome millions of visitors from all over the world, and our Lake Garda is one of the destinations most loved by that segment of investors, mostly foreign, defined as “high profile”.

High-profile customers

We are talking about customers in the luxury sector who are willing to spend considerable sums to win a piece of Italian history, to savor in the years to come the iconic beauties that all the world envies us: territory, art, fashion, food, hospitality.

And when it is not just a dream but a concrete life project, we are there to take care of the customer. Yes, we take care of you, even before talking about real estate, because everything revolves around an extremely subjective experience whose ultimate goal can materialize in a sale, but which in any case and without exception starts from a professional relationship. where the person, you, is the center of our attention. We start from here.

How we approach the customer

So how do you sell a luxury property?

On Lake Garda there are several houses that correspond to the definition of “luxury” or “prestige” and this is actually the type sought by our customers: however, and we are sorry to disappoint the expectations of some, although it is undeniable that the owner of a villa sells an asset, the buyer never buys only a luxury property.Yep: the notarial deed officially sanctions the sale, but what the buyer attributes a value to and for which he is willing to spend is a life project, a dream.

The property is only the container of all the expectations and fantasies that for years have been fueled by travel, reading and experiences in the Bel Paese. Each new buyer builds his own different narrative process, through which he imagines being able to live in a beautiful villa, but also demands much more. And this is where we come in.

We are not just selling a property

Defining them “houses” or “villas” is an understatement because we are talking about a rather elitist market segment in which the uniqueness of the shopping experience tips the scales towards a positive outcome of the negotiation. Having a beautiful villa to sell is therefore a fundamental requirement but not sufficient to successfully target this slice of the market.

If it were easy, it would be enough to place an ad on with some photos taken by a triple camera phone. Fortunately, we are not in the 90s and this approach is not up to the market demands. Customer requires professionalism and competence, ability to adapt and problem solving, and above all he wants to make a thoughtful purchase. We know this and this is what allows us to make a difference.
The watchword is time: time to the customer to grant him a safe and satisfying shopping experience. Time we devote to carefully selecting the properties to be proposed, to be sure to carry out an adequate analysis of the demand and only manage properties “with documents in order”. Time that we invest working with similar and complementary professionals, to involve consultants of all kinds to help us make a dream come true. Time that we do our best to optimize resources and focus on well-defined, measurable and achievable goals.
We are always close to the customer and like real estate personal buyers, we are a discreet and reliable presence: the one that can make the difference.

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