About us

Put a period.
And start a story

Gardalisa was born around a dream as the tailor creates a suit around a model. We draw the lines following the profile of our territory, Lake Garda and Italy. We draw the details taking into account shapes and panoramas. Finally, we put the periods and we see the silhouette of your desires, a horizon that we recognize and that we call home.

Perhaps, we could more simply call ourselves a property finder of exclusive properties, with experience throughout Italy and a strong knowledge of Lombardy and Veneto. However, we believe in the power of charm and the promise of beauty.

The same promise we make, and keep, to those who place their trust in us, whether you find yourself in the situation of wanting to sell or wanting to buy. We offer you a dedicated consultancy to guide you in the promotion of your property and in identifying your best interlocutor.

Here our story begins.

Put us to the test!

We believe in the power of charm and the promise of beauty

About us

How we became ourselves

Gardalisa was created in response to the explicit needs of our clients: to entrust a single interlocutor with the finalisation of a real estate process: investing, building and realising a project. This means bringing together different professional skills and coordinating them to achieve a clearly defined goal: excellence. We are the conductor of the orchestra who, with his discreet and efficient presence, directs a marvellous symphony: your dream.

We consider real estate mediation to be a fundamental part of the process, but it is not sufficient: the starting or finishing point of a buying or selling journey can only be achieved through a solution-oriented and pragmatic approach.

Intrapreneurship and personality, not as a whim but as a deep vocation

About us

The dream in our name

Our name is a prism to the dream: it reflects and refracts it, breaks it down and makes it take on new colours. Gardalisa is an invitation to discover Italy through our eyes, our experience and the personal knowledge of the territories.

In our name, we collect every nuance of desire and every emotion that Lake Garda can arise. This way, we know who is looking for that slice of heaven and that view that nourishes the soul. Of that house that makes its way to the wonder, as soon as you open the door.