Beauty is a promise

In Italy, everything is a call to beauty, an unrepeatable force that inhabits places and residences. Ours is a commitment to open doors, eyes and hearts, and an invitation to live it fully.

About us

About us

Hunters, keepers and a little bit tailors

We measure your dream and design its horizons and waistline. Let’s go in search of a place that exists in your imagination and that you will call home. We reveal to you the secrets of the most beautiful country in the world through our eyes.

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Property finder

Different from the others,
and proud to be

We are a property finder, and we work only for you. We feel like depositories of your trust and responsible for your time. We are always there, from the earliest days until the end of our assignment, and we turn your every question into confidence.

Our work is done only when your satisfaction begins.
Yes, you will find us different from all the others. It’s because we really are.

How we are different

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The dream, with a view

Let’s raise the curtain and roll the opening credits. First scene: a villa, a farmhouse, an ancient estate. The story begins here. The rest is up to you, just choose how you want to continue. We give you a sneak preview: there is always a happy ending.

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Properties on Lake Garda: Brescia side

Your “dolce vita”,
with a citrus scent

Breathe in your way of life: as refined as the places that overlook the west shore of Lake Garda, relaxed like the breeze that rocks the boats. On this shore, magnificence is a common place, among enchanting views of the lake and Mediterranean colours.

Here we speak a universal language, that of elegance and well-being. You will hear it echo in every street.

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Properties on Lake Garda: Verona side

A slice of heaven,
just a stone's throw from the city

Choosing a new home is a mixture of rationality and instinct. What better place to find them than the eastern shore of Lake Garda? Between unique views of the lake and hidden beaches, you can reach Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, in no time at all.

Here you will find hard to forget atmospheres and sunsets to fall in love with. Amazement will prevail every time.

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Your property is precious,
your time even more

A single interlocutor from the first contact up to the sales paperwork.
Protection of your property, maximum confidentiality and a dedicated approach.

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