Property finder: between the value of the property and trust

Property finder: il valore della fiducia

In this article we are going to talk about criteria and priorities for buying and selling a luxury property: as neuroscience shows, the emotional dimension has a crucial impact and trust in the broker is the added value of a good investment.

In the purchase of a high-end property, objective criteria – position, value and solidity of the investment, knowledge of market trends – and subjective priorities are important: each house is unique, like the needs of those who will live there.

Today neuroscience shows us how our rational choices and economic decisions are profoundly influenced by the emotional dimension. This is where the role of the property finder and trust as an added value come into play.

Starting from the 1970s and especially in the last twenty years, neuroscience has drawn up a series of coordinates to define how our decision-making processes are determined, studying the role of the emotional area in our choices.

Especially during a process that profoundly influences future life, the purchase of a property, we rely on the person-mediator to collect a series of information, scenarios and possibilities.

And what really makes the difference is the relationship of trust that is established with the property finder and the series of desires, expectations and projections of those who are looking for a luxury home.

As in a loving courtship

A relationship of trust that is gradually established and that involves several subjects: yes, just like in a courtship dance.

The role of the property finder in the vision of Elisabetta, CEO & Founder of Gardalisa, is that one of a sensitive and balanced filter, capable of balancing and communicating the different needs of those who sell and those who buy.

Mediation intervenes in the finalization of sales in eighty percent of cases: one more reason, for those who find themselves selling prestigious properties, to choose to entrust the negotiation to someone they trust from the first moment.

We protect your privacy step by step

In our experience, we must be able to manage the real value of the property by overcoming all those small and large barriers (mental, bureaucratic, economic, but also character) that can lead to the failure of an agreement.

Interactions are never impartial and the property finder’s role is precisely to keep every aspect of the process in balance.

Our typical customer relies on us not only for our expertise and knowledge of the specific market, but also for the empathy that develops meeting after meeting, step by step.

Usually, he is a business owner or professional who does not have much free time and cannot or does not want to interact with potential buyers from time to time. He often cannot be present at the visits, or he cannot manage the numerous appointments; and, usually, in life he deals with something else.

At the same time, he is proud of the property he owns and he would like to see it presented in all, and at its best, of its potential.

Also in this case, neuroscience teaches us that the perspective, beyond the data, intensely influences the decision-making faculties of those looking for a new place to live and love.

The solution for those who intend to sell a prestigious property in this case is to rely on the property finder, who:

1) knows very well the competitors and specificities of the territory in question,

2) knows how to interact with potential buyers, immediately distinguishing the most reliable subjects from the most undecided ones

3) knows how to extricate himself in every possible slowdown, completing the sale quickly and safely.

Privacy and confidentiality are the main priorities for those who sell a prestigious property: the property finder is a trusted consultant who maintains the utmost discretion on various elements:

1) sometimes very complex operations,

2) economic, corporate and financial resources of the parties involved,

3) banking mediations,

4) financial situations and family needs,

5) cadastral and notary records.

Against the dispersion of information, our client prefers to rely on a single interlocutor who knows perfectly his property, his villa, his home, who knows how to enhance every feature in every single appointment.

All documents are in the hands of a single consultant who is able to respond professionally to any doubt or request from the counterparty.

Buying and selling prestigious properties: between objective criteria and unique needs

As a property finder, Gardalisa knows well what are the main priorities of those who sell prestigious properties, and consequently also those of those who buy them, especially in the fascinating and a coveted area of ​​Lake Garda, an area that summarizes all the characteristics of choice of the luxury market and in particular the 2022 trends in the real estate investment sector.

The main factors are location – peace, relaxation and isolation, but without doing without services or recreational and sporting activities nearby,  context, depending on the lifestyle of the buyer; breathtaking view: a space that guarantees tranquility and proximity to nature and beauty, large courtyards, terraces, playgrounds, large and well-kept gardens; any presence of premises such as projection room, SPA, equipped gym, pool both inside and outside the home; garages or dedicated outdoor car spaces that can accommodate several cars; attention to the latest technologies and energy saving; intelligent control of temperature and lighting; quality of design and possible advice for interior furnishings; 24-hour security and protection systems.

These are all factors investigated wisely and competently by the property finder – who is also a real investigator.

Gardalisa does not just sell a product, she goes in search of a dream. But even the most beautiful dream is destined to remain evanescent if it is not accompanied by a project rooted in the concrete and by a professionalism that rests every step on mutual trust.

Put us to the test: every splendid villa, apartment or farmhouse that we have discovered is not destined to remain on a brochure, however glossy, but to open its doors and welcome a new life story.


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