FAQ for Home Buyers

  1. What to ask before buying a home?

    Our customers always have a lot of questions and we like that! In the pre-purchase phase, they mainly relate to three fundamental aspects: the capital to invest, the type of property to be sought based on specific needs and the purchase methods. Answering these questions is essential for making an informed and satisfying purchase.

  2. How much does it cost to buy a house?

    When we talk about total costs for the purchase of a house, the so-called “direct” and “accessory” costs are mentioned. The first ones include the price actually paid to the seller and the taxes due to the Revenue Agency. The “accessory” costs, on the other hand, concern brokerage fees, the notary’s fees and any expenses related to access to credit (mortgage).

  3. What to ask when buying a home?

    Once the property to be purchased has been identified, the operational phase is carried out and it is important to know all the phases of the sale to avoid making mistakes. The price asked, payment methods and availability of the property are the first things you focus on. However, it is also necessary to inquire about the state of affairs and the presence of any cadastral anomalies that could compromise the purchase.

  4. What to check before buying a home?

    First of all, you have to make sure that our interlocutor has the right to sell the property: in other words, that the person we are dealing with is really the owner or has a power of attorney to sell. Then, you can proceed the analysis of the technical documentation necessary for the clearance to the deed, remembering that, in compliance with the Civil Code, “The seller is required to ensure that the thing sold is free from defects that make it unsuitable for the use for which it is intended or appreciably decrease its value”.

  5. When you buy a house, what taxes do you pay?

    At the deed, the purchase taxes must be paid to the notary the registration tax, the cadastral tax and the mortgage tax. They are calculated based on the type of purchase (“first” or “second” home) and the seller (private or company). Assuming you are buying a house in Italy and as a private individual where your residence will not move, the registration tax is 9% on the cadastral value of the property (not to be confused with the “cadastral income”), while the cadastral and mortgage taxes they are paid in the fixed amount of 50 euros each.

  6. How to choose a house to buy

    Seneca wrote that “There is no favourable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go.” The same could be said of those looking for a home. Be aware of your needs and what we want, is the first step to be able to recognize the right house for us when find it. Furthermore, relying on an expert consultant for the evaluation of the technical and bureaucratic aspects will avoid unpleasant inconveniences that could jeopardize the positive outcome of the sale.

  7. Where to buy a house for an investment in Italy

    The possibilities of real estate investment in the “Bel Paese” are not lacking: any place with a strong tourist vocation can prove to be a possible investment opportunity, both for making income and for post-restructuring resale operations. The context and the intrinsic characteristics of the property therefore play a fundamental role in maximizing the margins of the operation and placing itself in a medium-high market niche that revolves around the luxury sector.

  8. Property Finder

    This term has now become a noun that identifies some real estate professionals, in simple words it indicates one specific typical activity of the Real Estate Agent: the search for properties corresponding to the wishes of the buyer. This professional relationship materializes with a research assignment which allows the consultant to interface also with the seller owners who do not like to advertise the sale of their property on traditional channels, but who can ascertain the real interest of the buyer client through the signed search mandate.

  9. Luxury Property Finder

    We like to listen to our customers and, when they talk about themselves, they often share their dream with us: live in a splendid villa in which to begin one’s “Italian story”. The purchase of the property is only a starting point, a fundamental piece of a much broader puzzle that embraces all the most typical aspects of our country: natural beauty, art, food, fashion, culture and tradition. And to find the perfect place to start experiencing all of this, there is only one thing to do: go and find the hidden jewel that’s right for them.

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