An overview of our website

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This story is the answer you will give when they’ll ask you, “How did you meet”. But above all, it is how we want to make ourselves known. A lock that turns, a door that opens, and a smile that lights up: this is where we understand that there is always something that goes beyond a simple property.

It all starts with a visit. Just what we want to do now with our site, which is our home. A guided tour of each section, complete with belvedere and panoramic view.

Let’s turn the key, and open the wonder. Follow us.

A large entrance to understand who we are

Our Homepage is the first thing you will visit. It is said that from this space one can guess the taste of the owners and in our case, we have enriched it with suggestions, paintings and details to make you understand who we are e what we can do together.

In the “About us” section, you can discover our entire history or, as we like to say, “How we became ourselves”: a story halfway between an autobiographical vein and an innovative drive, with a twist of tailoring.

Our definition of a property finder

One of the beating hearts of our site is the section dedicated to our approach, which clarifies, once and for all, what the property finding activity involves and how we live it.

We have explained what a property finder does and how we are different. Finally, you will find the explanation of our payoff, which best embodies our philosophy.

A space dedicated to Home Sellers

The property manager’s job is also a work of correspondence: finding the right house for a buyer, of course, but first of all, taking over a house to sell.

For this, you will find a section that explains to you what is our advice to those who intend to put their property on the market while wanting an exclusive treatment, which makes discretion our flagship.

And then there are our properties

But for us, they are experiences. They are the highest manifestation of your lifestyle, a potential desire that finally takes shape.

Our properties reflect all the nuances of Italian living: villas with an important historical value or recent solutions with cutting-edge construction techniques, always in exclusive contexts and with spectacular views.

They are found throughout Italy, but they specifically focus on Lake Garda, on the Brescia side and Verona side: we have dedicated two pages to these areas to let you immerse yourself in the Garda atmosphere right now.

And now take your time

The visit is over, but now take your time to look around you, browse through our proposals, contact us if you have found the house of your dreams, or subscribe to our newsletter.

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